There Are Worse Things Than Saying “Fuck”

It is the belief of most English speakers that of all of the “bad” words, “fuck” is as bad as it gets. I come from a place that believes in “bad” words very much. As a child, I just knew that saying certain words would get me in trouble (and possibly get me a one-way ticket to Hell) and so, by association, they were considered “bad”. Growing up, having life experiences, and majoring in English has broadened my beliefs about this topic. It is now my belief that a word is only “bad” if we, as the speakers, use it in an aggressive way. What is so “bad” about saying that something is “really fucking great!”? Isn’t that a positive a statement? This is something that I’ve been struggling with for some time now.

I carefully monitor my vernacular when I’m around specific people, to cater to everyone’s personal preferences. Day-to- day, with my friends, who are like-minded, I will let the occasional “bad” word fly. Especially if it’s to serve the purpose of comedy or to emphasize extreme emotion. However, as an adult who does not fall on the Autism spectrum, I also am fully aware that these “bad” words are not always appropriate. There is a time and place to use such language. For example, I would never go into a meeting at work and, when asked what the general feedback from our community is, respond with “Well, they’re all fucking pissed about these new promotion code rules.” Nor would I ever greet my parents by walking into their house and saying “Waddup Motherfuckers?!”. Although, I think that would be hilarious, I know that would greatly offend them. So I don’t do it.

Call me self-righteous, but I think that’s pretty decent of me and that I’m using language in the correct and not offensive way. Though, I am fully aware of people who legitimately believe that using this words, regardless of your audience, is one of the most capitol offenses. But, I’m here to tell you that there are way worse and more offensive things than saying “fuck”. Here is a short list of some things that I was able to come up with:

  1. Murder – This one seems a bit obvious to me.
  2. Rape – Again, a no-brainer.
  3. Racism – The word “fuck” is super unbiased and can be used by anyone of any race.
  4. War Lords – I suppose this one could be grouped with murder.
  5. Adolf Hitler – He didn’t use the word “fuck” in any of his speeches and look how that turned out.
  6. Adultery – In some cases, taking the word a little too literally, if you ask me.
  7. Global Warming – Contrary to some people’s belief, this is a real thing that affects people much more than saying “fuck”.
  8. Public transportation in NYC – The cause for many people to say “fuck”, but definitely way worse than the act of saying it.
  9. Donald Trump – There’s not really anything worse than this guy. He should probably be first on this list.
  10. Lena Dunham – I just find her incredibly annoying and I would love to take her bra shopping one day, since she clearly has some trouble with finding one.



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